How it works: (Joining together the full Body of Christ)

Mission Statement: We are a collective group of Christian men & women, joining together to help others. We fulfill global needs, establish and stand alongside worthy causes, demonstrating the grace, power & compassion of Christ’s love for us all.”

This ministry is formed to help improve the world we live in, all in Jesus’s name. It is a worldwide organization, powered by the body of Christ. To our knowledge, no organization has ever been brought together for the singular purpose of enjoining fellow Christians & others across the world, for the common purpose of helping the less fortunate and making our world a better place. Christ loves us all and it is to this end that we outline our program below.

First Steps:

First & foremost, we are dedicated, in all aspects of our ministry, to not provide, “one-time fixes” to targeted problems. We don’t want our recipients to be caught up again in the same level of poverty & despair where they were found. Our purpose is to provide the resources financial benchmarks necessary to initially stabilize a current situation, and then provide the help & support needed for individuals and organizations to continue to prosper . Our focus is long term change; not quick fixes and again, all in the name of Christ

Here are two things we know and how we address them:

1a. (Concern) – Many people are skeptical about donating to charities: People, (in general), want to do good and want to donate to worthy causes. But, the #1 reason people don’t give is, they aren’t convinced the money they personally give, is actually going to be spent on the things that made them contribute in the first place. They don’t want to contribute to salaries and operational overhead. They want their donations to go to causes they believe in. Not administrative costs.

1b. (Solution) – 100% of all donated funds, (only minus a credit card processing fees), will be donated to worthy causes. No salaries, rent, insurance, benefits, advertising, all administrative, marketing, or operational costs will be deducted from donated fees, as virtually all overheard costs are funded by the founder.

2a. (Concern) – I can’t really afford to give and even if I could, what real difference would my small amount make?: Again, we know that people genuinely want to give to causes they believe in, but don’t have the excess funds to do so. Even if they do want to give, they don’t see how their small contribution could make any real or meaningful difference in the world.

2b. (Solution) – We honor those that can only donate a small amount by asking for a small donation of only $1.00/week or $52/year. After the first 90 days of initial launch, we will divide that number by 12 and distribute funds monthly. We will certainly accept a higher contribution if a donor wishes to contribute more to the ministry, but again, virtually all donated funds will be distributed to fully vetted and worthy causes. PLEASE UNDERSTAND: Only the large number of small, individual donations makes this simple and effective approach possible. This allows each contributing member to realize just how important their personal donations are and the magnitude and significance of how they are positively impacting the world around them.

To validate all funds received and distributed, all Part of the Vine members will receive a monthly newsletter, displaying how and where their funds are being spent. It will detail the organization or individual(s) receiving the donated funds, along with a narrative of why they were selected as recipients. WE BELIEVE IN TOTAL ACCOUNTABILITY- No games, just actions to be effectively taken. We are collectively only messengers, dedicated to carrying out God’s purpose of caring for each other in Jesus’s name.

We should all be saddened that the Christian community has not joined together before, helping others who are in genuine need. With 3.4 billion of us worldwide and if we all gave just a little, who else might have this same sort of opportunity to make a real difference for those in need! But, none of this works at all without your collective help. Please don’t be left out! Join us in our ambitious endeavor and become an essential piece of Part of the Vine.

Want to help? You can!

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