Our Mission:

We are a collective group of men & women of faith, joining together to help others in need

and demonstrate the grace, power & compassion of Christ’s love for us all.


To validate all funds received and distributed, all Part of the Vine members will receive a newsletter/ video, displaying how and where their donated funds are being spent. It will detail the organization or individual(s) receiving the donated funds, along with a narrative as to why they were selected as recipients.

We want each contributing member to realize just how important their personal donations are and the magnitude and significance of how they are positively impacting the world around them.

WE BELIEVE IN TOTAL ACCOUNTABILITY – No games, just actions effectively taken. We are collectively only messengers, dedicated to carrying out God’s purpose of caring for each other, while showing the love of Christ in practical ways.  Video’s will be added to this section in the coming months to validate the difference you are making.

Do you live what you believe?

Want to help? You can!